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Your feet are the foundation of your body. Foot conditions can seriously impact your mobility and your quality of life, but our Podiatrists can help get you back on the move again!

We pride ourselves on being one of the top foot and ankle clinics in Canada.  Our two foot and ankle surgical Podiatrists are amongst the most comprehensively trained in the country.  We offer top tier medical care in our modern clinical facilities.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care we ensure our patients have access to Vascular, Physiatry, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Orthopedics and other practitioners and specialists if and when required.  Access to medical imaging (eg. ultrasound, CT, MRI) can also be performed in an expedited manner.

We triage all of our appointments to ensure that you are scheduled in an appropriate manner for your condition.  Many foot conditions can worsen without treatment from a qualified Podiatrist. So don’t hesitate - if something feels wrong, call 604.757.2558 to schedule an appointment.  

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